King’s Park Under Threat

The Fremantle Society is not just a supporter of Fremantle’s heritage and environment, but we work with other groups sharing common interests, and there is no more important place perhaps than the magnificent King’s Park overlooking Perth.

Begun almost 150 years ago by Surveyor-General Malcom Fraser when he set aside 432 acres in 1872 and 1873, it is now under serious threat from government ministers keen to show they think they know what is good for tourism. If someone showed up with a pot of money, they would support disfiguring ideas like a cable car running from Elizabeth Quay up the escarpment of Mt Eliza, and then through the park on giant steel towers tramping through the bush.

It is important that the community express their views and AT THE RIGHT TIME.

The right time is now to complete the survey mentioned in the news article above.

It would seem that one of the key values of the park – its place as a serious area for commemoration and reflection of past wars, with the war memorial and treed avenues with plaques, is being tested.

And, King’s park is a natural park, not a theme park, and hopefully that value will be protected from insensitive money making ideas.

Please go to: by the end of the month.

John Dowson
The Fremantle Society

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