Planning by Force – The Royal George Hotel Scandal

Special Meeting of Town of East Fremantle to Discuss Royal George Hotel

“Planning by Force”

The Fremantle Society exists solely to lobby for high quality developments and to protect the heritage values of Fremantle and surrounds.

Hundreds of hours have been spent recently putting together expert submissions and working with stakeholders.

But as a senior staffer at the Town of East Fremantle said last week, the bullying tactics of the WAPC criticised by Liberal MLC Simon O’Brien above have led to a “Planning by Force” regime from the government.

Mr O’Brien stated: “There are people in the WAPC (Western Australian Planning Commission) following an agenda which is about maximising the hypothetical levels of development, and that’s the wrong way to approach things.”

Similarly, the Heritage Council, a developers’ club diluted with planning department staff who refuse to accommodate Town of East Fremantle requests, have not stood up for the heritage values of the Royal George Hotel.

Please note:

Wednesday 7 August at 6.30pm: the Town of East Fremantle are holding a special meeting to discuss the Royal George Hotel amendment.

Tuesday 20 August at 6.30pm: the Town of East Fremantle are holding a council meeting to consider modifications to amendment 14 (Roofing 2000 site at 91 Canning Highway).

Along with hundreds of others, the Fremantle Society made submissions on the proposed scheme amendments. Very few indeed support Saracen Properties and their desire for a huge apartment block abutting the historic hotel.

The 170 page report on the Royal George Hotel going to council recommending it accept the 7 storey ‘compromise’ is not a victory for the community as some claim, as it will seriously damage the hotel’s landmark status in the George Street heritage area.

The whole issue has been a travesty from the day Alannah MacTiernan handed the hotel to the National Trust without informing the Town of East Fremantle, in the process of handing the hotel to a developer for just $570,000.

The former head of the National Trust Tom Perrigo is just as annoyed and frustrated as everyone else. He wrote:

“Demand a public debate – I will participate.

Demand a corruption investigation – I would participate.

Demand an independent ruling by SAT – I would participate.”

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