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  1. We need to restore theses old buildings now, there is so many around fremantle, it’s a crying shame , once there gone there gone for every,I’ve seen some buildings which have major issues going on , it’s only a matter of time sections will fall down on the public, say no more, get moving…

  2. Thank you John Dowson for your time and tthe detail of your articles and especially the the pictures as always regarding
    the keeping and proper restoration of Fremantle’s Heritage
    I am a resident in the West End, currently away in the UK temporarily.
    It is a shame to see so many heritage buidlings being lost in London and through parts of Europe while I am here.
    The charm and sights of the older architecture is what draws people to great European Cities also small charming towns and Villages.
    It is what will draw tourists to Fremantle.
    Gone are the days of intricate architecture and detail in the exterior of older buidlings. Replaced by the blank facades of new architecture.
    I am not against progress but..
    We have to re instate and preserve what we have left of our older buildings.
    I do hope the citizens and residents of Fremantle will see this too.
    Is it a case of sell to the highest bidder, can we put more restrictons on what they do ? Or do the developers have us all by the short and curlies.. ?
    How can we stop the further erosion of the beautiful older architecture of Fremantle?

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