Wrightsons Hairdressers

About to be Destroyed

Norm Wrightsons Hairdressers has been at 7 William Street since 1933. Prior to that the shop was home to the famous Charles Nixon photographer from 1894 to 1933. Two businesses in 120 years!

Gerard O’Brien wants to relocate the hairdresser. The hairdresser doesn’t want to go. O’Brien wants this as the entry to his new brewery and wants to strip out the shops here and demolish the rear of all the shops.

He has allowed the rear of these heritage buildings to be painted without permission of the tenants to mask the heritage values of what remains.

Look at the single storied building with the very interesting air vent – probably part of the former Swansea Bicycle factory.

Save the Magic!

The hairdressers shop is unique. It is magic. It and nos 9 and 11 William should stay. AND it should have the double storey verandah on it restored as shown above when it was  home to Fremantle’s famous photographer Nixon until Wrightsons moved in in 1933..

The development proposal covers all the Manning Estate shops that begin with these three shops in William Street (built in 1886 before the others) and continue through the Mall and down Market Street to the Newport Hotel.

The Fremantle Society is keen to see people spend money in Fremantle restoring and upgrading their properties but this developer wants to make major changes to the shops – knocking down the rear sections of all the shops (some of which have significant heritage), remove various staircases, insert a large brewery where Norm Wrightson’s is right outside the entrance to the Town Hall, and separate the second floor sections of the various shops from their ground floor sections.

Submissions due on the whole Manning Buildings development on Tuesday 28th at 5pm..

Comments to:   planning@fremantle.wa.gov.au

And, to all councillors at: members@fremantle.wa.gov.au

16 Replies to “Wrightsons Hairdressers”

  1. Fremantle must progress to survive, but not at the risk of loosing more of Fremantle’s Heritage Buildings. After recently going on a life long dream tour of some of the cities of Europe myself, it’s the buildings and the history, we as human beings go to visit, see and learn about. People in Australia and beyond will come to Fremantle for the charm and history of it’s old buildings. Savour them, re- instate them as they were meant to be seen. Please don’t destroy more of Fremantle’s Heritage.

  2. This really needs to be looked at closer…. this is a part of history!
    Please don’t demolish our rich history… once is gone you can NEVER EVER get it back…
    Save the shop

  3. What makes Fremantle, and many beautiful towns and cities around here is the heritage.
    History should not be forgotten. Please don’t let this all go to ruin!

  4. Its the eclectic mix of historic with new that makes Fremantle so special. Historic sites must be retained and treasured, not trashed by greedy entrepreneurs. Fancy breweries are a dime a dozen, Norm Wrightson’s is just the one, a window into our past that has endured.

  5. This shop contains a Fremantle icon. I am keen to see progress & complimentry development but not if it means loosing long time run family businesses and buildings which have herstage value. Surely there are other locations that don’t affect family history & the essence of Fremantle.

  6. FREMANTLE has already gone to ruins. We really need to keep its heritage, god knows it’s lost it’s character and the vibe it once had. Leave it be Please.

  7. It is only with retrospect that we appreciate our links to the historical stories of our cities. So many unique, beautiful structures, housing extraordinary stories and community connections, are demolished without consideration to future links. Think it through. Once gone – there is no way to heal the loss.

  8. Its not right to demolish a historical building like the barber shop.
    It is an iconic building that has been a barber shop 1933 and prior to this it was the home of a photographer Charles Nixon since 1894 to 1933.
    Fremantle needs to preserve every historical building so many have lost to new buildings.
    It is of great value to keep the precious historical buildings for all to enjoy.
    Tourists come from all over world to see the charm of yester year in Fremantle.
    Please do not destroy a unique beautiful building.

  9. Don’t knock down Norm’s place..
    Been getting my hair cut there for 32 years. His familys been running it for almost 100years. Let him stay if he wants to.

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