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  • 22 November, Fremantle History Society

Invitation to Fremantle Society members from Fremantle History Society

THE committee and members of the Fremantle History Society have great pleasure inviting members of the Fremantle Society to join us at our Christmas meeting at Fremantle Arts Centre on 22 November at 6.00 p.m. This year we will be celebrating Fremantle’s history and heritage with a special viewing and tour of Frank Norton: Painter and Collector conducted by Andre Lipscombe, the City of Fremantle’s Art Curator. This will be followed by delightful Christmas refreshments in the beautiful Arts Centre courtyard.

Where: Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle
When: Tuesday 22 November 2016 at 6pm
Cost: $10.00 per head
The tour will be followed by drinks and a delicious
Christmas supper.
Email ;
Ph: 0408092100 or 94336639 by Thursday 17-11-2016

  • 25 November: Fremantle Residents and Ratepayers’ Association (FRRA)

It’s that time of the year and FRRA invites you to their AGM Tuesday 29 November, 2016 at 6pm in Fremantle Council Recepton room (upstairs using rear staircase). RSVP  Friday 25 November. We encourage, in fact, urge, all members to attend and participate in the AGM and, share a drink for the season.

It is so tempting at such a ‘time poor’ period of the year, to stay home instead of heading out again, after a busy day at work, or to feel that participation won’t make a difference.

Please come and help keep FRRA move forward.

The Agenda for the evening will include:

6-6.30pm Drinks and nibbles for members to mix and chat.

6.30 – 6.45pm Election of office holders, Chair’s address, Treasurer’s Report

Constitution changes  (to be sent)

[NB only current members will vote].

7.15pm FRRA Web launch!!

[A presentation from the FRRA web developer, Lorenz Wuthrich, and Web subcommittee member Martin Lee, to demonstrate the web’s capacity, structure and how it works].

  • An invitation has been extended to the new Minister of Local Government to introduce himself. To this point he has not responded.
  • Open discussion

Important information

Current membership renewals can take place on the night, or members can renew prior to the evening through online banking.

This option will mean that names can simply be checked off on the night to save time and your receipt will be ready.

AC Name: Fremantle Residents and Ratepayers Association INC.
BSB: 306-048
Account Number: 085991-8

Reference: Subscription 2017 + your name OR a Donation+ your name

New fees are $25 per person or $40 per couple.

RSVP Friday 25 November and please indicate whether your preference is for red wine, white wine, beer or non-alcoholic.

If you would like to nominate for a position, please let us know: Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, 5 Committee,

Evening agenda purpose

Effective communications are the key to success, and we have been busy behind the scenes, trying to improve these, revising our Vison and Strategy, and aiming to improve our communications through the development of our very own website.

We have tested a newsletter Fremantle Matters, and gained traction in the blogger sphere, with up to 1,000+ readers or clicks, but more help is needed to enhance this progress.

Such is the problem of few people on the ground.

FRRA has worked hard at reinventing itself, with our Fremantle Matters logo and intent of purpose, and development of a professional ‘comms’ profile.

What ‘matters’ to FRRA is to progress Fremantle and preserve the important meaningful reasons for which we all chose and bought into the area, to make Fremantle our home, and to see the expenditure of our rates spent on meaningful projects that enhance all our amenity, and not simply a narrow demographic and program.

It has been a mixed year and one that has demonstrated more than ever, that there is a need for a whole of Fremantle community watch dog, to monitor and lobby group for those with the greatest investment in their community, the rate payer and resident, and to assist and work with other community groups, to achieve their specific objectives.

Please come and hear how the year has gone, and help determine FRRA’s relevance, and presence.

 FRRA Editorial from the Chair

FRRA is still a young community activist group, and striving to ensure that local governance and the elected officers ‘represent’ its constituents, is open, accountable and transparent. At the same time, our membership is healthy, and we have now more people becoming actively involved, which is exciting.

Since our inception over the controversial development of The Esplanade, there have been a series of serious governance, accountability, transparency and amenity issues that have affected us all, and demonstrated that the interests of the major shareholder, the Fremantle resident and rate payers’ voice is not being heard or even acknowledged, and that progress is determined by a minority, for a minority.

Notable amongst a string of issues include:

  • the unnecessary expenditure of $55 million on the Council building as part of the activation of King’s Square
  • the complex and disadvantageous contractual arrangement with Sirona Capital,
  • the sale of the major assets at fire sale prices,
  • the disastrous and entirely predictable waste of rate payers’ money and citizen amenity on the Sunset Events’ development at Arthur’s Head and J Shed
  • the indiscriminate waiving of fees, rates and costs to the City.
  • the apparent movement of an estimated $55 million from the Investment Account to the Municipal account since 2012.
  • extraordinary development decisions in heritage areas.
  • the exponential increase in size and composition of the City of Fremantle administration and staff
  • and, recently the banning of the public to the important and extremely relevant Strategic and Project Development Committee, where major projects such as King’s Square are discussed and recommendations made.

And, so many more instances too numerous to include.

Critical amongst all the issues faced by rate payers/ residents:

  • the lack of critical diversity on Council,
  • the impact on local government voting of Party political interests, or vested interests, other than ratepayer or resident concerns.
  • non-compulsory voting,
  • the ‘first past the post’ system,
  • the irrelevance of the Ward in local government and therefore, lack of the notion of “representation” of local interest, in fact, representation,
  • and postal voting.

All these factors mitigate against independent local area representation, the entire reason for a third tier of government, and have a profound affect on the decision making process.

FRRA must become a voice for all concerned Fremantle residents to ensure a diversity of opinion and, most critically, local representation in local governance

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