Notre Dame University in Fremantle is holding a COMMUNITY BARBEQUE on January 18 between 5-8 pm at the Malloy Courtyard in Mouat Street. This is part of the university’s genuine desire to connect better and more often with the local community.

This is a FREE event as food and drinks will be provided. For more info or RSVP contact:

Roel Loopers



The Fremantle Greens invite you to attend a public forum on how to make Fremantle a more vibrant and sustainable city.

Forum date: Thursday March 29th from 7.30pm to 9.00pm.

Venue: Fremantle Town Hall

Forum panel:
Brad Pettitt, Mayor of Fremantle
Annie Matan, Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute (CUSP)
Roel Loopers, President of The Fremantle Society
Scott Ludlam, Greens Senator
Emma Powell, The Fremantle Inner City Residents Association
Cole Hendrigan, The Fremantle Network.

Facilitator: Martin Drum from Notre Dame University

Format: Each panel member to speak for 2-3 minutes presenting their most important one or two ideas for a better Fremantle. Then we will have 60 minutes of audience questions and comments.

Forum focus: A BETTER FREMANTLE. How can we create a city that is:
VIBRANT – a place where people want to be
SUSTAINABLE – produces a minimal per-person ecological footprint

Speakers are encouraged to base their comments on the planning principles of Jan Gehl as presented in his book Cities for People. His four goals are a city that is:
LIVELY: it attracts people to its diversity of activities and invites people to linger
SAFE: there are enough people in the public spaces for everyone to feel comfortable and welcome (plenty of “eyes on the street”)
SUSTAINABLE: low energy designs, green transport modes encouraged
HEALTHY: city design promotes walking and cycling.

Everyone is welcome to attend and ask questions

Free entry. No RSVP required


Just a reminder that the University of Notre Dame will be participating in the Fremantle Heritage Festival with a series of free public lectures and campus tours!!

Madison Lloyd-Jones, 31 May 2011, will discuss the ‘American occupation’ of Western Australia in WWII and how it was unique from the experiences of other Australian cities like Brisbane and Melbourne.
(If you have any stories about Fremantle, women on the homefront, or American servicemen in World War II, she would be very pleased to meet you!!  Alternatively, you can contact Madison via or 0433 844 290 if you are unable to attend, but would like to share your wartime memories.)

Dr Shane Burke, various dates, will be discussing archaeological excavations in Fremantle and the cities early European heritage.

Terry Craig, various dates, will give an insight into UNDA’s restoration and adaptation of various historical buildings in the West End for University use as well as discuss the extensive collection of Indigenous and religious art displayed throughout the campus.

All talks will run from 11am-12pm; guests are welcome to enjoy refreshments afterwards. Campus tours will commence at 1pm daily.

For dates and further information, please follow the link: