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Manning Buildings

Following our Letter to the Editor this week to the Herald about the Manning Building development, we contacted the two Fremantle Council members of JDAP who decided on the issue yesterday. This is what the president wrote:

Hi Rachel and Jon,

I understand you both will be on JDAP next Tuesday.

I cannot attend JDAP as I will be overseas on a lecture tour promoting Fremantle.

You have a copy already of the attached report done by the Fremantle Society. We have also printed colour copies and posted them to JDAP.

The report took a great deal of time and involved meetings with architects, tenants, councillors, and considerable research.

The more we look into the plans the more issues we find. We ask that you seek to have this deferred until there has been a site visit including all members of JDAP. JDAP should  not be making decisions on complex and important heritage sites without a site visit.

I realise you may not agree with our concerns, but there if the major issues such as reinstatement of original verandahs and original shopfronts are not going to be nailed down clearly, there are a few additional minor things we ask that you consider getting amendments for:

a) Archaeology: it is extraordinary that there is no requirement for an archaeological study for the demolition sites. There needs to be one.

b) Visibility of plant on the roof: Normal condition says ‘cannot be visible’ but the condition in this report said ‘cannot be highly visible’. The ‘highly’ should be removed.

c) the condition for documentation of demolition says ‘digital photographs‘ when in fact it should read ‘professional photographs’.

d) Social heritage of Shepherds and Norm Wrightsons: It doesn’t appear that the social heritage of Norm Wrightsons – in that location since 1933, or Shephers Newsagency – in that building for over 100 years – is appreciated or protected. No council officer visited either tenancy.

e) the tuck painting should be ‘tuck pointing’ as we point out in our report. In fact we received this this morning from a heritage construction company (who worked for example on the Commissariat and Elder Building):

HI John

(Re: Manning Buildings)

I have read over this report and you are bang on with respect to the Tuck pointing,

Tuck Painting should only be done when there is an interpretation of what has been lost forever,

ie, new wall that was damaged but reinstated, tuck painted to look original as much as practical…

Or an extension to a Heritage building, the extension should be tuck painted to “blend” however still show a point of difference with interpretation.

I am also upset at of the painting at the rear of of 7-9 William st

Especially if there were previous paintings or indicators of previous signage for the area

Sometimes the old signage itself can be the most significant part of the building.

While I support the art and décor of what some of the councils do, it is upsetting to assume that the paint that has been used is likely to be detrimental to the building fabric and cause an expedited breakdown of the wall fabric if the paint seals over Lime mortar

Old walls are lime based and need to breath or they decay rapidly

Perhaps it is as the tenants suggest, to hide/destroy the significance of the heritage

I like the art, Just not there…

especially if there were indicators or historical advertising that should have been restored not painted over

I also question if the Heritage council were aware of the walls being painted?

I know the local council are intrusted to look after some of these buildings, however if the persons in charge are not aware of what is needed to work on these buildings or the parameters they should be working too, then it is likely they will have someone who is the cheapest quote using the wrong materials in the name of saving a dollar for the council to make them look good.

(JDAP passed the plans with minor amendments, including requiring an archaeological study)

Brackson Construction Pty Ltd

It was Brackson Construction who provided the above comments. They are new members of the Fremantle Society, with a great deal of valuable experience in important heritage projects around Fremantle such as the Commissariat, Elder Building, and the Town Hall, to name just a few.

The Fremantle Society is keen to see good quality maintenance and restoration to heritage buildings and suggests contacting Bracksons for any queries:

Primary phone number      0484 763 077
Secondary phone number  0423 102 900


Precinct System

The Precinct system is up for review over the next few weeks. Given that it was the Fremantle Society who introduced the idea of a precinct system to Fremantle by getting Ted Mack from North Sydney over here to explain it, it is galling to see the council deliberately leave the Fremantle Society (and FICRA) off the list of precincts. Most precincts have been moribund or operating often to support the incumbent councillors, while the Fremantle Society (and FICRA) have been very active in engaging widely in the community.

Please consider making a submission which keeps the Fremantle Society and FICRA as part of the precinct system.

Coles Woolstores – Your Comments Urgently Requested

The dismal and dominating 38.9 metre high plans for the Coles Woolstores were put out for public comment at the end of last year and we sent you a copy of a report we commissioned from architect Ken Adam.

We urgently seek feedback (to from members about Ken’s report or the one the Fremantle Society submitted as well because there will be a special planning meeting of council next Wednesday at 6pm (North Fremantle Community Centre) to discuss the design criteria (not to assess the actual plans).