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And there is the Fremantle Forever Rally and FREE Concert:

Join musical acts Lucky Oceans, Big Old Bears, along with the City of Fremantle Mayor at the Fremantle Arts Centre from 2.00 pm Sunday 1 September 2013. It’s Father’s Day so come and enjoy and stay connected.  Bring your Dad!


Henty Farrar – President


tphoto by Peter Zuvela

What is CWF Public Art work all about?

Hello, come and see for yourself.

First unveiling of Concept Design work for much talked about “Celebrating Women in Freo” project, Opening tonight (Friday) 25 Nov 6.30pm upstairs @ FAC in Finnerty St.

Event is coupled with opening of Mark Howlett Foundation (MHF) 20 year exhibition.

Jim Cathcart will introduce all exhibitions before a special guest will open the shows.

The CWF exhibition and subsequent opportunity to provide feedback to your preferred design is open until January 22, 2012 so please inform your colleagues and community networks to make their recommendation before the closing date.  (CWF Taskforce :-)


Fremantle Arts Centre 1 Finnerty St PO Box 891 Fremantle WA 6959 andrel@fremantle.wa.gov.au ph:+ 61 8 9432 9828 W: www.fac.org.au

Opportunity Lost

Yesterday’s press release by John Day on the Cockburn Coast Structure Plan (SP) should have been a time for celebration; unfortunately for me it only brought disappointment.

We had a real chance of developing a high quality Village, even a carbon neutral village but all we have is the land being chopped up into urban lots.  The Minister said “The redevelopment of Cockburn Coast will see medium to high-density urban living, embodying the values of Directions 2031 and Beyond”.  Yet Directions 2031 is a special plan for a connected city, what we have here is a return to the days of Hepburn and Stevenson with a huge controlled access highway and NO transit Plan at all.  Greg Smith once produces a bumper sticker which said “Perth a City for Cars”, it was meant to be ironic, and unfortunately has become prophetic for Cockburn Coast.

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March Committee Meeting

The March Committee Meeting of the Fremantle Society will be held at 11 Captain’s Lane on 24th March at 6:00PM.  Members are welcome to attend.

Joint letter to Editor

Dear Editor

We write in response to “Reece a lone voice against festival plan” (Herald12-2-11) as the Presidents of Fremantle’s community based history and heritage organisations. We represent members with a wide range of ages and professional expertise that have strong connections to the city’s past and who are committed to its sustainable future. Both organisations believe that, through a knowledge and understanding of and commitment to our past, our cultural capital is enhanced and enriched.

We therefore believe it is vital to maintain an independent Heritage Festival that increases understanding of the past and engages in a broader debate that focuses on the future. A well-run heritage festival allows the Fremantle community and visitors to be part of that process.

We dispute the proposition that the Heritage Festival is untenable and believe that it is not only sustainable but, by reviewing its charter and including events that allow opportunities for participants to engage in a broader dialogue, we will enhance its current profile and ensure the Heritage Festival is a highlight of Fremantle’s rich calendar of events.  In retaining and enlivening the Heritage Festival we contribute to the economic, social and environmental benefits enjoyed by our port city.

Bigger is not better. Bigger means one voice is diminished at best, lost at worst. We encourage the council to review and refine the Heritage Festival and to ensure that the international reputation Fremantle enjoys continues to engage and challenge locals and visitors alike.


Jon Strachan, President Fremantle Society and Anne Brake, President, Fremantle History Society


The Fremantle Society has had its first 2011 full Committee meeting since our AGM and I am delighted to tell you 2 vacancies on Committee are filled.  Pam Hartree is welcomed as Hon Secretary; you may know Pam in her role Head of Local History Section of Fremantle Library she is also an Associate Member of Australian Library and Information Association.  Clearly she will bring a lot of experience and wisdom to the Committee.

Kate House was also co-opted to the Committee.  Kate has worked on the Planning & Heritage committee in 2010 and we welcome her continued involvement in the Society. The several Society members who attended the meeting were welcomed and we encourage more in future.

Other agenda items included Fremantle Heritage Festival programmed for the end of May.  The Society is committed to working with Council and local stakeholders to ensure the continued success of this longstanding local event.  If you or your business wish to be involved contact us, it would be great to have you on board.  The Society will also contribute to the newly announced National Heritage Week in April – with a National focus.

Ongoing planning issues include the US Laundry at FAC, The Old Royal George in East Fremantle, and a new hotel at Little Creatures.

It is great to finally have a home and a wardroom to hold our meetings; the Society has truly come of age.

Jon Strachan