It is not easy to get media attention for heritage and development related issues, so I am delighted to let our members know that we are doing pretty well at the moment. Chair of the Planning&Heritage Committee Don Whittington has been quoted in the Fremantle Herald in three consecutive issues about our jointly produced scale model on PSA 49.

On Friday I did an evening interview with Graeme Maybury on radio station 6PR on Fremantle’s Planning Scheme Amendment 49. They also interviewed Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt for that program.

Yesterday I was interviewed and photographed by the West Australian, so watch that newspaper, and today they also published my letter on the neglect of heritage buildings in Fremantle. As a result of that letter I have just been interviewed for 15 minutes by Paul Murray on 6PR as well on this subject.

This is very good exposure for the Fremantle Society, even more so as we need to keep the pressure on. Politicians don’t like bad press, so if we name and shame them, they might do a bit more, and more urgently, for our heritage buildings, and the city might consider PSA 49 is simply too big for inner city Fremantle.

Roel Loopers