Devise your questions for tonight’s QandA.

Be at Victoria Hall at 7:00pm Tuesday 31st May to ask your questions of our panel or send email and webcam questions to

Moderator Robyn Johnston will put your questions to our panelists who are:

  • Carmen Lawrence.  Chair of Australian Heritage Commission.
  • Brad Pettitt.  Mayor of Fremantle.
  • Anne Brake.  Heritage Professional and President of the Fremantle History Society.
  • Linley Lutton.  Architect and Vice Chair of Australian Institue of Urban Studies (WA Chapter).
  • Lynn MacLaren.  Greens spokesperson on Heritage.
  • Greg Smith.  Town Planner.

This is a free event put on by the Fremantle Society.


Heritage Act Review

Heritage in Western Australia is underpinned by the State Heritage Act 1990, which is currently being reviewed.  The Act mandates the Heritage Council of WA giving it powers to operate, and gives statutory power to the State Heritage and Local Government lists.

If you have any interest in Western Australian Heritage this Act is important to you.

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Opportunity Lost

Yesterday’s press release by John Day on the Cockburn Coast Structure Plan (SP) should have been a time for celebration; unfortunately for me it only brought disappointment.

We had a real chance of developing a high quality Village, even a carbon neutral village but all we have is the land being chopped up into urban lots.  The Minister said “The redevelopment of Cockburn Coast will see medium to high-density urban living, embodying the values of Directions 2031 and Beyond”.  Yet Directions 2031 is a special plan for a connected city, what we have here is a return to the days of Hepburn and Stevenson with a huge controlled access highway and NO transit Plan at all.  Greg Smith once produces a bumper sticker which said “Perth a City for Cars”, it was meant to be ironic, and unfortunately has become prophetic for Cockburn Coast.

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March Committee Meeting

The March Committee Meeting of the Fremantle Society will be held at 11 Captain’s Lane on 24th March at 6:00PM.  Members are welcome to attend.

US Laundry Demolition By Neglect

Last evening Fremantle Council supported WA Museum’s application to demolish the old US Laundry on grounds that it was too dilapidated to save.  The sad fact is that the deterioration occurred while the building was under the care of the Museum, a clear case of demolition by neglect.  After listening to the debate I believe I saw a decision based on Councillor’s opinions rather than evidence based decision making.  The Council’s heritage expert recommended retention as did a number of experts in the field who became interested in this issue and gave free advice to Council on the merits of retaining the building.  Cr Sullivan challenged Mayor Pettitt to be the Mayor of a heritage city that supports heritage; alas he chose to be the Mayor who supports demolition.  The application will go to the WAPC with little chance of a turnaround unless the Heritage Council moves to put the Laundry on the State Register.

Jon Strachan