Joint precinct community info, City of Fremantle, 7pm Tues 9 August 2011

As seen on the Mayors blog today ( my empasis):

“High Street Update July 20th 2011.

As many precinct members would be aware, the City of Fremantle and Dept of Transport have recently engaged an independent consultant to do a multi-criteria analysis of number options for High St which will minimize impacts on the Fremantle Public Golf Course and houses while improving freight efficiency and safety and reducing noise. This will include:

  • An underpass for vehicles leaving Fremantle on High St – leaving the surface road for trucks heading to the port with less interruptions,
  • An overpass over High Street
  • Realigning two lanes of High St to the other side of the row of mature trees– reducing the need to take such a large slice of the golf course.
  • Slowing the speed limit in the curve to narrow the curve and have less impact on houses

This assessment is initially considering the number of houses impacted, traffic safety, freight efficiency and noise impacts. The options that pass that test will then be evaluated against the Federal Government’s investment criteria. This study will compare the above options against Option 4 and is expected to be completed by July 31st.

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Fremantle Prison application returns

The application from YHA for a hostel in the Women’s Division has come back to Council with little or no change.  It is on the Planning Services Agenda this Wednesday (20 July).  The Society made a comprehensive submission in January, which we sent to all stakeholders, Fremantle Prison’s Bevan Beaver contacted me and said it reflected their views on the application.  When the application was withdrawn we felt confident a new submission would address our fears.  Unfortunately this is not the case, but took some comfort in the Officer’s recommendation for refusal.  Alas Cr Fittock has sent out an alternative motion recommending approval.  The Society believes holiday accommodation is an appropriate adaptive reuse for the Women’s Division, however Fremantle Prison is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and needs a high quality adaption to ensure we make the best of out heritage asset and tourist trade.  I do hope the Planning Services Committee decide to endorse the Officer’s Report and demand a better development for our Prison.

Fremantle and The Chamber of Commerce

Recent comments by Peter Nolin of the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce, effectively blaming Councillor John Dowson and other heritage advocates for the city’s retail woes are totally unwarranted, as Roel Loopers clearly shows.

The Chamber is currently advocating a high-rise bonanza for the East End of the CBD, a matter that will soon be our for public comment via a Town Planning scheme amendment.

These proposals emanste from the City Centre Strategic Sites working Group (CCSSWG) Along with Don Whittington and John Dowson, I am a member of this group. But so is the Chamber and many architects, all of whom support the high-rise concept. We have argued against the proposals and for a more modest scheme that would allow six storey development on a few sites near the Railway Station, but elsewhere encourage redevelopment at three to five stories. Such a scale would respect the historic character of the city and the ambience the Soicety and community have fought so hard to protect.

Ian Alexander, Past President, Fremantle Society

NT coming up Roses

Samson House Tour & Snip.

The National Trust invites you to an exclusive tour and garded experience at Samson House on Sunday 17th July.  Bring your gloves & secateurs so you can practice the art of rose pruning following a demonstration by the Rose Society.

  • Tour & Talk                                                  1:30 to 2:30
  • Pruning                                                         2:30 to 3:30
  • Afternoon Tea with the National trust   3:30 to 4:30

Booking ESSENTIAL via or 9321 6088


Devise your questions for tonight’s QandA.

Be at Victoria Hall at 7:00pm Tuesday 31st May to ask your questions of our panel or send email and webcam questions to

Moderator Robyn Johnston will put your questions to our panelists who are:

  • Carmen Lawrence.  Chair of Australian Heritage Commission.
  • Brad Pettitt.  Mayor of Fremantle.
  • Anne Brake.  Heritage Professional and President of the Fremantle History Society.
  • Linley Lutton.  Architect and Vice Chair of Australian Institue of Urban Studies (WA Chapter).
  • Lynn MacLaren.  Greens spokesperson on Heritage.
  • Greg Smith.  Town Planner.

This is a free event put on by the Fremantle Society.


Heritage Act Review

Heritage in Western Australia is underpinned by the State Heritage Act 1990, which is currently being reviewed.  The Act mandates the Heritage Council of WA giving it powers to operate, and gives statutory power to the State Heritage and Local Government lists.

If you have any interest in Western Australian Heritage this Act is important to you.

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