What is CWF Public Art work all about?

Hello, come and see for yourself.

First unveiling of Concept Design work for much talked about “Celebrating Women in Freo” project, Opening tonight (Friday) 25 Nov 6.30pm upstairs @ FAC in Finnerty St.

Event is coupled with opening of Mark Howlett Foundation (MHF) 20 year exhibition.

Jim Cathcart will introduce all exhibitions before a special guest will open the shows.

The CWF exhibition and subsequent opportunity to provide feedback to your preferred design is open until January 22, 2012 so please inform your colleagues and community networks to make their recommendation before the closing date.  (CWF Taskforce :-)


Fremantle Arts Centre 1 Finnerty St PO Box 891 Fremantle WA 6959 andrel@fremantle.wa.gov.au ph:+ 61 8 9432 9828 W: www.fac.org.au

Fremantle Traffic Bridge Funding

Main Roads is running a series of Workshops which Fremantle Society reps alongwith other stakeholders are participating in.  The following precis is supplied c/o Emma Powell a FICRA rep.

“Main Roads is currently seeking funding from the State Government to fund the replacement of the Fremantle Traffic Bridge. A submission has been sent to Treasury seeking funds of up to $210 million to replace the bridge with the option to provide an additional rail line, so that the freight can be improved to the Port. The project is currently partially funded and Main Roads is seeking funds over the next four year period to provide the certainty that the project to replace the bridge can commence.
In order to maximise the long-term value to the community that this potential investment represents, Main Roads has embarked on a process to implement a Strategic Integrated Planning Framework to explore and assess opportunities that will support the preparation of a business case to reflect the benefits and costs associated with replacing the Fremantle Traffic Bridge. “

Next Workshop is 29 November.

Get in touch throught this blog if you can contribute.

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Public consulation options – proposed Scheme Amendment 49

Society members and other interested citizens

My neighbours and I received letters at the w/e from the Mayor advising about the several Public consulation options for the proposed City Centre Scheme Amendment 49 which have been open for comment since 12 October.

Members of the Society Committee have been working on all available data to date in drafting a comprehensive Submission on behalf of the Fremantle Society to Council during this comment phase (Closes  7th December 2011)

Due to the importance the Society’s Planning committee places on this matter and despite being a special Public holiday they are convening a Special Full Committee Meeting Friday 28th October from 10am.  A tour of all 12 sites will be followed by a meeting at 11 Captains Lane. 

Matters r/t  Scheme Amendment 49 are the only items on that Agenda. Members are invited to join the committee at this meeting.

We do hope to see members at the first of the City’s Workshops;  6.30pm -8.45 pm Monday 31st October at Victoria Hall in High Street East End. (RSVP to the City essential, limited space)

Supporting documents at; City’s website under Fremantle City Central Urban Renewal . Follows a transcript from City’s website on the proposal and the consultation opportunities available for your urgent input. 

“Twelve key sites in the eastern area of the City Centre zone, focused around Queen Street between the Fremantle Railway Station and Kings Square, have been identified by the City as capable of supporting redevelopment of an intensity and scale that would make a significant contribution to achieving the strategic imperatives of the Fremantle Strategic Plan 2010–2015.

The purpose of amending the development standards of Local Planning Scheme No 4 relating to the 12 sites is to provide sufficient new floor space to accommodate increased numbers of workers and residents at a density to support a sustainable future for the City and in an urban environment of vibrant, comfortable and human scaled public spaces throughout the inner east end area.

Achievement of the above objectives would support Fremantle’s role as a Strategic Metropolitan Centre as identified in the state government’s spatial strategy ‘Directions 2031 and Beyond’.

For additional information, please find below a number of supporting documents, including an easy–to–read general information sheet and frequently asked questions.

The City will also be holding a number of public events to provide further information and the opportunity to discuss the proposed amendment. These are as follows:

Presentation and discussion evening

Monday 31 October at the Victoria Hall from 6.30 pm to 8.45 pm. Presentations will be provided by a range of speakers on the issues facing Fremantle and a discussion will be held on the potential for Scheme Amendment No 49 to address these issues. Please RSVP by Friday 28 October as places are limited.

Open days
Friday 4 November at Kings Square from 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm and Saturday 5 November at Kings Square from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm; this provides an opportunity to drop in at your leisure to view the plans and ask questions on a one to one basis.

Walking tours around the sites
A one hour guided walk around the subject sites will follow each of the open days on Friday 4 November (commencing at Kings Square at 7.00 pm) and Saturday 5 November (commencing at Kings Square at 2.00 pm).

Interactive community workshop
Monday 14 November from 6.00 pm to 8.15 pm; information will be provided about the amendment and feedback sought from participants.  RSVP’s are essential for the community workshop and should be received by Monday 7 November. You will be advised of the venue when RSVP is provided.

Please RSVP for the ‘presentation and discussion evening’ and ‘interactive community workshop’ via the contact details provided below.

Contact officer
Planning policy and projects team

T 08 9432 9805
E planning@fremantle.wa.gov.au

Closes 7 December 2011

Another Forum opportunity to discuss Amendment 49  proposal, (Sponsored by CUSP Institute, NDUA, Fremantle Community Bank, Chamber of Commerce and TFN) will be held at the CUSP Institute, Pakenham Street Fremantle, as follow;

“Prof Peter Newman, the staff and students of CUSP invite you to this unique evening of discussion about Freo’s future.

Density, Development and Revitalisation in Fremantle: More or Less Sustainable?

Enjoy a glass of wine and refreshments in the relaxed setting at CUSP,
while an expert panel offers their views and takes your questions

7pm – 9 pm, Thursday 3 November

Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute (CUSP)

3 Pakenham St, Fremantle

Refreshments provided “Gold Coin Donation”

Sponsored by: Notre Dame University; Fremantle Community Bank; Fremantle Chamber of Commerce; The Fremantle Network.


In response to Don Whittington’s “Jon’s a Gem”

I submitted a letter to the Herald earlier this week, but as with a letter I wrote raising concerns on the Sirona development, it was not published. Since Don Whittington’s letter was published in this week’s Herald, I thought it fair to submit my letter as a blog to the Society’s website in order to clarify what was said. The media doesn’t always report accurately. My letter read:

The Fremantle Society has an enviable track record of achievement, particularly with respect to protecting heritage from substandard development. However, the sports cliché that you’re only as good as your last game is apt, whether in respect to business or politics. Last week’s Herald’s “Impolite Society” gives the impression that I don’t think the Society is doing a good job. My gripe with the Society is its apparent reluctance to publically engage and debate some of the big issues confronting Fremantle. I would have expected the Society to have at least made their position clear by now on the Strategic Sites Plan and even more pressing, the Kings Square Precinct MOU with Sirona Capital. I had hoped that a group with the status of the Fremantle Society and with the ear of council would engage its members, let alone its committee, to flesh out what it thinks is a reasonable position on such issues. Are the members happy with what they know of the Strategic Sites Plan? Do they have any concerns about building heights, open spaces, infrastructure, parking, etc.?

Although the Chook’s article suggests the contrary, this is not about personalities but a wish for the Society to engage both its committee and its membership. Some egos would like to believe otherwise, as indicated in the article. I’m concerned about actions not about personalities. And in that regard, there has been little in the way of engagement of membership this year. As I said to Jenny D’Anger, I have heard that a lot of hard work is being done by the Society behind the scenes (unfortunately that’s not worth reporting). Well why not let the membership know? In the same way that we expect the Council to be transparent, consultative and engaging, the Society membership, of which I am no longer a member, also expects such behaviour from the Society’s committee. A lack of communication leads to distrust.

For all the Society membership knows, the committee may be sitting around discussing whether we should be called the “People’s Front of Fremantle” or the “Fremantle People’s Front” (for Python fans).

Lloyd Hammond

With respect to Don’s letter in today’s Herald, his praise for Jon Strachan is admirable. However, I’m not sure why he felt the need to write the letter. I have never suggested that Jon or anyone else in the Society is not hard working. I think Don completely missed the point of my single criticism; that being purely about poor communication. A different matter entirely. Since the letter, the City of Freo’s MOU with Sirona has been passed by council, and not a peep from the Fremantle Society. As Brad Pettitt says in this morning’s Fin. Review, “Sirona Capital are now in the ‘box seat’” [with respect to developing the site]. I can only assume that the Society supports the City of Fremantle’s position.

Public Transport Perth 2031

The State Government is visioning a Transport Plan to compliment the Planning Strategy, Directions 2031Public Transport for Perth in 2031

Fremantle Public Workshop is  an opportunity  for you to put your ideas to the Independent Panel

When: Thursday 6th October

Where: Fremantle Council Reception Room(via Kings Sq staircase)

Starts  @ 6:45pm for 7:00pm.

NB: Comment period for personal Submissions ends Frid 14th October





THURS  29  SEPTEMBER   7 – 9 pm


(access via stairs opposite Myer)


Georgie Adeane  & Dave Hume


Ivan Dzeba,  Rachel Pemberton  &  Michael Swanepoel


Steve Boni  & Ingrid Waltham

Members are invited to come along, ask questions  and find out where the candidates stand on important local issues.  The formal part of Forum concludes 8:40pm and conversations continue over tea and coffee.