Fremantle and The Chamber of Commerce

Recent comments by Peter Nolin of the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce, effectively blaming Councillor John Dowson and other heritage advocates for the city’s retail woes are totally unwarranted, as Roel Loopers clearly shows.

The Chamber is currently advocating a high-rise bonanza for the East End of the CBD, a matter that will soon be our for public comment via a Town Planning scheme amendment.

These proposals emanste from the City Centre Strategic Sites working Group (CCSSWG) Along with Don Whittington and John Dowson, I am a member of this group. But so is the Chamber and many architects, all of whom support the high-rise concept. We have argued against the proposals and for a more modest scheme that would allow six storey development on a few sites near the Railway Station, but elsewhere encourage redevelopment at three to five stories. Such a scale would respect the historic character of the city and the ambience the Soicety and community have fought so hard to protect.

Ian Alexander, Past President, Fremantle Society

Fremantle Society Election for President

At close of nominations on November 22nd, there were two nominees for President of the Fremantle Society for 2011.

They are Society members Lloyd Hammond and Jon Strachan.  Having previously feared there would be NO nominations, the Society’s Committee resolved not to ‘endorse’ either candidate : it is now up to the Members to vote for their favoured candidate at the upcoming AGM on Monday December 6th.

In the meantime, candidates will be conducting their ‘campaigns’ among the Society’s membership. They will be given 5 minutes each to address the AGM and permitted to distribute one-page statements there. All currently financial members of the Society who come to the AGM (which is at Notre Dame’s Santa Maria Lecture Theatre in Mouat Street, 7 for 730pm) are entitled to vote.

The AGM will commence with an address by Dr Carmen Lawrence in her new role as Chair of the Australian Heritage Council. She will address the timely topic of “Why list the West Kimberley?”

Ian Alexander, President of the Society (well for 10 more days anyhow!)

Fremantle Society Election makes History

A few weeks ago, it seemed that no-one was going to put their name forward for election as President of the Fremantle Society for 2011 and beyond. Now, with nominations to close in a few days, two Society members have  indicated they are going to stand for the position. If this occurs, it will be the first time there has been an election for the post in the Society’s 40 year history.

I think that’s great, as it indicates there is a high and growing level of interest in the recently ‘re-badged’ Society.

Watch this space for an official announcement after nominations close on November 22nd!

Ian Alexander*

*Ian has been President of the Society since 2007, but is not standing for re-election

Fremantle Society AGM and Committee Elections coming up

The Fremantle Society will be holding its AGM in a few weeks, on Monday December 6th, 7 for 730pm at the University of Notre Dame Santa Maria Lecture Theatre, 19 Mouat Street Fremantle.

We hope as many Society members as possible will attend. Non-members are also encouraged to attend — you join up on the night for just $20 annual sub, $25 family and $10 concession — there is a proposal to increase the subs for 2011, but if you join before or at the AGM, $20 is all you need pay!

Our guest speaker is Dr Carmen Lawrence, well known for her past and dedicated political contributions to WA and especially to Fremantle. Recently, Carmen was appointed Chair of the Australian Heritage Council, the Federal body responsible for heritage. In this role, Carmen will be addressing the topic “Why List the West Kimberley?” Given recent public debate on the future of this area, it is a timely topic.

The Election of a new Committee will also take place at the AGM. Nominations close on November 22nd and nomination papers will be mailed out to members — you are encouraged to nominate, whether it be for Committee (9 members required), for President (Ian Alexander is stepping down after 4 years in the post) or Secretary (Ruth Belben is not re-nominating for that position).
If you are interested contact

Ian Alexander