Final Election Update

The Elections are almost Over!

(personal commentary from City Ward candidate John Dowson who is endorsed by the Fremantle Society)

Doorknocking brings exposure to some nice doors and environments. The photograph shows a beautiful City Ward residential enclave right in the heart of Fremantle. Residents have the amenity of inner city living AND a garden.

This is the old flour mill complex. Years ago it was a derelict site and one which looked vulnerable. I used to receive phone calls from Agnieshka Kiera, the Fremantle Council heritage architect, asking me to check in the evenings if the place was secured, as it was feared it was being deliberately left open in the hope someone would burn it down.

This living environment produced under a previous council is streets ahead of new apartments built recently like the overscaled Liv apartments in Queen Victoria Street that Cr Pemberton is so proud of, described as ‘the Zombie building” by an attendee of the Candidates’ Forum.

I have door knocked every resident I could get access to, and the feedback? The community generally is fed up with the council.

There are many issues, but it has been hard to get them discussed in the Herald or other media.

The community is increasingly aware of and concerned about council finances, and the quality of new development.

Interesting to see expensive council publications like Fre-OH coming out in the middle of an election promoting the council,  and the planting of 714 trees (but not admitting that the number is 30% fewer than 10 years ago).

The CEO  also involved himself in the election by writing a piece defending the council’s financial health – the worst of any metropolitan council. Compare what he wrote with what Martin Lee has written in this week’s Herald Thinking Allowed and decide for yourself.

The Mayor posted that he doesn’t normally get involved in elections, but that because some candidates were telling lies, voters should be careful.

Former Mayor Tagliaferri responded: “Your first line about keeping out of elections is a load of bollocks, you are deeply involved and have been involved in many elections, fielding candidates and supporting candidates… You say there are candidates with misleading information. Who are they? Call them out!”

The mayor has defamed all those who have put themselves up to run against the incumbents.

Whatever happens this weekend when votes are counted, as non-political-party candidates battle against party and council machinery, a good deal of discussion has been generated around key serious issues, and more people are now aware and hopefully more engaged.

Thank you to those who have contributed to my campaign in various ways.

If you have misplaced your ballot paper or have not voted, remember you can visit council at Fremantle Oval during this week, or turn up Saturday to the Town hall between 8am and 6pm.



John Dowson
The Fremantle Society
16 October, 2019

Authorised and printed by John Dowson, 12 Mouat Street, Fremantle WA 6160.

9335 2113    0409 223622

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