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Scandalous Neglect of Arthur Head

Six years ago the Fremantle Herald published this picture of Cr Tim Grey-Smith, Mayor Pettitt, and Cr Rachel Pemberton atop Arthur Head launching their idea for an “Arts Hub” at the state’s premier heritage site, Arthur Head.

The plan, of breath-taking immaturity, failed spectacularly, and has caused great distress to existing famous artists there like Greg James. As a metaphor for the derelict state of Arthur Head under this council, a $100,000 Greg James sculpture was last night stolen from the area.

Cr Grey-Smith, put into power in 2009 by Mayor Pettitt to get rid of the best councillor City Ward had had for years, Cr Les Lauder, is now apparently a senior policy advisor for a WA Labor Minister, while at the same time helping run former Labor politician George Gear’s campaign to oust Mayor Russell Aubrey in Melville. Apparently he has no money however, as recently the debt of $17,000 he owed council was waived. These deals for mates appear to be part and parcel of the current modus operandi.

Cr Pemberton, now running for a third term as City Ward councillor, is boasting of the great achievements of council in heritage matters, failing to mention that council has abolished the heritage reserve fund which used to get 1.25% of all rates, has abolished the heritage committee, the heritage grants fund, the annual heritage awards, and the local history awards.

In addition, under her watch, the iconic Arthur Head has deteriorated so badly that millions of dollars are urgently needed to fix it up.

The Fremantle Society has been asked by council to help raise money, as the government have inspected the ruinous state of the area and declined to help. The Fremantle Society is preparing a positive and progressive plan which pulls together the important themes and assets of the area.

Written and authorised by John Dowson, 12 Mouat Street, Fremantle WA 6160

0409 223622. 93352113 and John.dowson@yahoo.com

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