Ralph Hoare Slams Permanent Damage to Fremantle

Update to Revealing View Post

The above photo of Big Boxes in a small heritage town posted yesterday showing the current view from Fremantle’s National Hotel has brought scathing responses.

One resident:

“That photo is really depressing!”

A business owner:  “It is starting to make me feel sick & tired of this incompetent Regime & its antics ! And, 😤the waiver of debt to Ratepayer is totally unacceptable.”

Another resident:

“WHAAAAATTT! (Can we get our debts ‘forgiven?’)
Just when you think that they can’t get any worse!
Roll on the election counting!”

Prominent Fremantle architect and former President of the Fremantle Society Ralph Hoare writes:

‘A very clear but sad period of development that in 10 years or so has destroyed the essence of Fremantle that was renowned for its clear expression of its heritage past, and now this has now been tipped upside down under the current Mayor’s reign.”

If you agree with this assessment, please ensure you get as many City Ward voters to vote for John Dowson in the current election as you can. Some people like Councillor Sullivan, who lives in South Ward, have two votes in City Ward as well. Every vote counts.

Below is what was posted yesterday with the same image:

Your new Pettitt/Pemberton town centre.

Large incongruous boxes after 10 years of “Revitalisation.’

Your heritage town centre forever damaged.

Other councillors of course helped. Including Cr Grey Smith who owed council $17,000. But the mayor and Cr Pemberton have just voted to allow him not to pay the debt.

Other councillors of course helped.

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