Candidates Forum City Ward this Thursday

Three candidates are contesting the local council election for City Ward – incumbent Rachel Pemberton, Julie Morgan, and John Dowson, President of the Fremantle Society.

Arts Precinct under Peter Scott have organised a Candidates Forum at the main lecture hall of Notre Dame University in Cliff Street as pictured above on Thursday 26 September, 6.30 – 8pm.

Please come and ask questions. For example …

Parking: You may wish to raise the issue of parking and ask how the problem can be fixed, and raise the issue of the relentless sale of council-owned car parks at discount prices to favoured developers.

Council assets: You may wish to support the importance of ratepayer-owned assets and the revenue they bring and ask about the relentless sale of income producing assets, leaving Fremantle with less than half the asset base they had ten years ago.

Heritage: You may wish to ask about the world famous heritage town we have and why council puts so little money into heritage – why they scrapped the Heritage Grants Program, the Heritage Awards, the Local History Awards, and the Heritage Committee. Why is Arthur Head collapsing?

Financial Management: You may wish to support good financial management and ask why Fremantle has the worst financial record of any metro council.

Quality development: You may wish to support quality development and ask why we keep getting such mediocre and often poor quality developments.

Tree Canopy Cover: You may wish to support the target of 20% tree canopy cover and ask how that can be achieved when council is planting fewer trees than 10 years ago, and does not support underground power, one of the best ways to quickly grow tree canopy.

Divided community: You may wish to emphasise the importance of a united community, and the existing problems of divisiveness and ideology driving a wedge between people.

Authorised by: John Dowson, 12 Mouat Street Fremantle.

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