Do You Want Fremantle to Improve?

Statement from Fremantle Society President:

The current postal election for 6 councillors in 6 wards comes two years before an important mayoral election in 2021. If you want Fremantle to improve you need to do something now.

Despite a busy life as a businessman, father, promoter of Western Australia aboard cruise ships, and researcher for future books, I have put my name forward to run in City Ward. The Fremantle Society twisted my arm, and it still hurts.

The community has been asleep for too long, not because it is happy with recent progress. The community has been divided by controversial ideologies, and ignored. Dissatisfaction is shown in community satisfaction surveys, and the rejection by Hamilton Hill residents of the idea of joining Fremantle, along with rejection by East Fremantle, and several attempts by North Fremantle residents to join Mosman Park.

Fremantle is a fabulous world famous place that needs high quality development to enhance its special nature.

I have eight years experience on Fremantle Council’s planning committee and the advisory committee for East Fremantle.

I chaired Fremantle Council’s Heritage Committee (now scrapped by Fremantle Council) and won the Local History Award (now scrapped). I instituted the Heritage Grants Scheme (now scrapped) and was a judge for the Heritage Awards (now scrapped). They all need reinstating.

I am concerned about the parlous status of the City’s finances. Council needs to start living within its means. I would work to halt the reckless selling of the City’s income-generating investment properties, such as the historic Victoria Hall and the Leisure Centre car park, which should be retained for the benefit of all Fremantle residents.

As President of the Fremantle Society, I am passionate about preserving Fremantle’s heritage for future generations, and have published four books on Fremantle.

As former Deputy Mayor of Fremantle, I would bring experience and balance to Fremantle Council. The deteriorating state of Fremantle is obvious.

Fremantle businesses and residents deserve better. The 10 year “Revitalisation Project” has failed to deliver so far. It has been hugely expensive for ratepayers, and has resulted in largely low grade large boxes.

I and the Fremantle Society would like to hear from you about what you feel to be the key issues.

Please write to me:

If you would like to contribute time or money to help save Fremantle, please let me know.

Donations are welcome.

John Dowson
The Fremantle Society
15 September, 2019

9335 2113


authorised by John Dowson, 12 Mouat Street, Fremantle WA 6160.

photo by John Dowson

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