The Royal George Hotel in Danger – Again

Sorry Saga of Royal George Hotel Just Got Worse

When Planning Minister Saffioti said last year that she would limit the height of any new development at the rear of the Royal George Hotel to 7 storeys, many in the community took that as a victory.

The Fremantle Society warned that, not only was it not a victory, but there were other problems.

Unfortunately we were right.

The Town of East Fremantle has just written to the Fremantle Society to say that further examination of the modified building height controls show they do not specify a maximum building height that cannot be varied.

The Town of East Fremantle lost control of this whole issue years go when Alanah Joan Geraldine Cecilia MacTiernan handed the property to the National Trust without telling the Town of East Fremantle.

When the Liberal Government raised concerns about the National Trust failure to get the building restored, they took it back from the National Trust and sold the $2 million property to Saracen Properties for $570,000 plus GST, knowing that the developer wanted to build a 21 storey tower at the rear ‘to pay for the restoration of the hotel.’ Having sold the hotel for next to nothing, the developer should not have been given a promise of extra benefits.

Local Member Simone McGurk warned of this at the time.

The Fremantle Society discovered that, remarkably, the hotel and the rest of George Street, which had once been listed as a heritage precinct, no longer was. The Fremantle Society made representations to the mayor, staff, and heritage minded councillors like Cliff Collison, to have the heritage listing urgently reinstated.

Unlike Fremantle Council, which does not value the expertise of its heritage community, East Fremantle council listened, and are working to have the precinct listing reinstated.

In the meantime, Alannah MacTiernan, who is still around (and pushing for high rise again on Victoria Quay), should be lobbied, along with local members of parliament.

Members – Do Something

Too many members are uninvolved, and expect others to do the work of keeping their amenity and heritage.

Values fought for in the past are never safe. They need to be fought for again, and again.

Put on your shoulders what burden you can carry, and help the Fremantle Society protect heritage values and encourage better new development.

Write to:

Simone McGurk:

Lisa O’Malley:

Originally posted by the President 15 May 2019.

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