Why You Need the Fremantle Society

In three years time The Fremantle Society will be 50 years old.

Many people have made amazing contributions to the Society, and many have helped just by being members. The Society has achieved a great deal, and its presence is important for, if nothing else, keeping decision makers on their toes.

The work done by the Society, and its value, in its first 38 years is well examined by Ron and Dianne Davidson in their book Fighting for Fremantle.

Ron said today that ‘for a community group it is a notable achievement, an elaborate book launched by a popular premier (Colin Barnett), with an introduction written by the esteemed Geoffrey Bolton.’

The Fremantle Society needs to plan for its 50th birthday in 2022,  and would like to hear from members about ideas for a 50th anniversary project. Ron Davidson has already jumped in with a suggestion:  ‘Get the South Fremantle Power Station refurbished and used for the community.’

Meanwhile, 2019 represents ten years since Fremantle Council embarked on a ‘revitalisation’ program, spending millions on consultants, and selling $40 million of ratepayer assets at bargain prices to the developers they are working with.

Now, ten years later, despite a host of new incongruous boxes appearing in Fremantle, many of the old problems remain.

This is an election year for 6 local councillors. With a lazy media, and political parties involved in local politics, there are important reasons for the Fremantle Society to continue its advocacy for good quality decisions and development, using its own expertise and that of hired consultants.

If you have not paid your annual subscription yet, we ask that you do so now.

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