$50 million to get your vote?

Oh No, another Election Year!

Another election year has arrived for local governments and six councillor vacancies will be available in Fremantle.

City Ward (incumbent Cr Pemberton)

South Ward (Cr Strachan)

East Ward (Cr Waltham)

Beaconsfield (Cr Hume)

Hilton (Cr McDonald)

North Fremantle (Cr Jones)

Are you getting value from your councillor? Besides getting $500 a week for attending meetings etc, councillors pay themselves to run those meetings, from a little pot of honey worth $60,000 a year.

On important issues like King’s Square, too many councillors seem either ignorant or disinterested in the details of the spending of $50 million of ratepayer money on a new administration building.

Some seem more interested in ideology. A few weeks ago Cr Strachan (up for re-election) seconded a lunatic-fringe motion to council from Cr Pemberton (up for re-election) to prevent any troops in any parade in Fremantle from carrying weapons (the whole point is the weapons show trust by the City when allowing marches).

On the important subject of the $50 million administration building, Cr Strachan told a ratepayer today: “I do not have a comprehensive set of figures you seem to be asking for available to me at the moment”.

How can a councillor not know the finances of the biggest expenditure of money in Fremantle’s history?

As a result of our last post to you, a resident had written to all councillors with questions about the finances of the King’s Square administration building. At least Cr Strachan was one councillor who replied, as he is very good at doing.

Cr Strachan wrote to the resident: “It is totally inappropriate to make commitments and sign contracts then abandon them because John Dowson thinks it would be nice to have a large open space.”

Cr Strachan’s insulting and false statement ignores the fact that the final contract to build the building has not yet been signed, and it is not just John Dowson who has concerns about the finances and building out the Town Square. Two former WA premiers, two former Fremantle MPs, and all the experts spoken to by the Fremantle Society DO NOT support building the administration building in the town square.

In the same letter Cr Strachan falsely states that:  “the Civic Centre is intended to be the key attractor to Kings Square”. No, the revamped Myer and Queensgate were intended to be the key attractors.

Yes, it is very important to have civic facilities that attract people. The proposed library in the “Civic Centre” will not even be called a library. It will be called a “Community Hub.” Goodbye books, welcome more computers. Goodbye the biggest and best Local History Library in the State – half the staff from which have already been sacked.

The Fremantle Society asked another councillor for the current financial figures, but they didn’t know. The Fremantle Society then asked yet another councillor for the projected rate at paying the building off, and the councillor got the figures all wrong.

So, the Fremantle Society has provided the answers the resident sought from the councillors.

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