Colin Barnett and Carmen Lawrence Back Fremantle Society

Two former Premiers of Western Australia back Fremantle Society concerns about King’s Square and the proposed new $44 million administration building.

Colin Barnett, whose government was responsible for organising 1200 government workers to move from Perth into King’s Square, to partially make up for the loss of Myer and 1900 jobs lost from Fremantle Hospital, said today he supports the Fremantle Society efforts to save King’s Square from a new administration building for mayor and staff.

Colin Barnett said a true civic square is an important goal. He said when Claremont Quarter was being built he personally intervened to make the developer build a square in the development along Quentin Avenue.

He said Fremantle’s square was far more important.

Former WA Premier Carmen Lawrence reiterated her concerns to the Fremantle Society last week.

She has repeatedly said the the King’s Square project will ‘blight Fremantle for the next 100 years.”

Large boxes are good for developers but ruinous for the scale of Fremantle.

The Fremantle Society wants change and good development based on expert views and not developer views.

The experts repeatedly state that the intended town square, proposed and planned back in 1833, the only one of its kind in WA, should be ‘a true urban square’ ie without an administration building.

At the very least The Fremantle Society wants the administration building delayed until it is clear the proposed government workers will in fact be taking up the available space currently being built on the Myer and Queensgate sites.

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