New High Street Art Installation- Inner City Beach Created

New Public Art Installation?

Felice Varini has long since departed Fremantle with the $150,000 he was paid to stick yellow aluminium foil over High Street heritage buildings. Many people enjoyed the clever optical illusion, but it was only supposed to be a short term temporary art work, for 3 months.

Over a year later our premier street is a mess, and the clean up bill of over $115,000, which could have funded a dozen heritage projects in the street, will instead go to a clean up.

The clean up is being done by a building contractor who is sand blasting his way up High Street, creating another mess as he goes. The sand (pictured above) from the sand blasting has not been cleaned up. This week council will no doubt announce another art project – the installation of an inner city beach along High Street, to save people from risking their safety transiting Arthur Head to get to Bathers Beach, a headland now at risk of collapses, and covered in scaffolding due to a lack of maintenance by council at that A class reserve.

On the first day of this year the West Australian’s advertorial writer for developers Kent Acott wrote a full page piece on High Street, named by Mayor Pettitt as “WA’s most historically rich street.” The reason given for this laudable assertion was that “it was only made possible through the demolition of dozens of buildings.” This is code for “The Fremantle you love will change rapidly as developers are allowed to build whatever they like.”

Anyway, enjoy the inner city beach.

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