J Shed – Again

The distressing, long running disgrace of the J shed issue comes to council again tonight and members should make their feelings known at the meeting or before to:


There should be no lease for large alcohol fuelled events at Arthur Head supplanting the excellent long term record of the artists there. The mayor on his blog rationalises the damage to an A class reserve by postulating that the area has changed over the years. So what?  As the late Rob Campbell has said, it was saved from other authorities in the 1960s who were using it as a dumping ground, and turned into an A class reserve through the hard work of Fremantle Council.

The current council believes that an alcohol led recovery will save Fremantle, and that belief has led to some extraordinary support for alcohol in very strange places such as at the traffic island where the Fremantle Weighbridge is.

Thankfully, freshly elected councillor and former Fremantle Society president Jenny Archibald, is showing strong interest in this issue and is asking tough questions of her fellow councillors.

Thankfully also, in the battle waged by the Fremantle Society to save Norm Wrightson’s business and shop being turned into a brewery outside the front door of the Town Hall, the developer Gerard O’Brien has apparently shelved that idea.

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