Are you an Advocate?

This week I asked Bruce Gilden, the famous street photographer, how he thought humanity was progressing. Obviously, from much of his work, he thinks its not doing well. He said he has plenty of issues still to fight for. Bruce uses his camera to be an advocate for humanity, and for his issues.

Are you an advocate?

The last email from the Fremantle Society was headed Distressing News and it was the most upsetting news reported on for a long time, that of the destruction of majestic Moreton Bay Fig trees in King’s Square.

The email evoked a strong response, with one criticism that there was no ‘call to action.’ There should be no need for a call to action. The Fremantle Society repeatedly has asked members to be advocates, and not passive bystanders, because the very organisations that should be advocating and protecting, have been silenced by developer interests. The Heritage Council is a developer’s club, the National Trust is useless as an advocate, the Fremantle Herald cannot lead campaigns on its own, and the very few public commentators like the blogger Roel Loopers are only concerned with being popular.

One member did write to the Herald and did not have his letter published, but newspapers are not owned by the public and sometimes repeated efforts have to be made to get attention.

The Septimus Roe Regency planning for King’s Square, and decades of advocacy for a proper town square are now right out the window, and the bizarre sight of the $300,000 a year CEO and $150,000 a year mayor with sledgehammers outside the doomed adminstration building this week was surreal.

Members advocacy will be needed for many more issues, and one of them is below.

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