Claudia Green

Members may have noticed a recent apology by the Fremantle Herald to Claudia Green concerning an article they published last year about the council elections and the decision by the Fremantle Society to support two committee members running for council, Mike Finn and Catherine Hammond, and the decision not to support Claudia Green and to inform the members of the reasons for this.

Solicitors for Claudia Green wrote to the Fremantle Society and its committee, and to the Fremantle Herald claiming defamation. The Fremantle Herald decided to offer an apology because, we understand, they had not contacted Claudia Green before publishing their story.

The Fremantle Society’s current committee is united and unanimous in maintaining the course of action taken by the committee last year of not endorsing Claudia Green and in informing the members of the reasons for this, and are advised that nothing said was defamatory and that the previous committee had every right to inform members of their decision and the reasons for it without being subjected to a claim in defamation.

The current committee has decided not to endorse any candidates in future elections as the Fremantle Society’s goal is to encourage as many people as possible to be involved.

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