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Communist East Berlin Apartment Block Arrives

The raft of damaging oversized buildings is underway in Fremantle with the arrival of the East Berlin Communist inspired “Liv” apartment block in Queen Victoria Street opposite the “Giant of Fremantle”, the former Fort Knox wool store (on the right of the picture), the largest wool store left in Fremantle.

To allow the “Giant of Fremantle” to be overshadowed by an apartment block next to it is appalling planning and decision making, a failure of councillors to grasp very basic fundamentals of urban planning.

The development suits the ideology of Fremantle Council, because the extensive number of low cost dwellers will largely be Labor voters.

Manning Estate

Plans for the 26 shops of Manning Estate  (High Street Mall and Market Street) go to council’s planning committee next Wednesday. The Fremantle Society submitted an extensive report to council and to you the members. Remember that meetings for the next few years will be held in the North Fremantle Town Hall.

The plans for the Mannings Buildings – to separate the top floor from the bottom floor, get rid of Norm Wrightson’s hairdressing shop for a brewery, NOT reinstate verandahs as proposed by council years ago, and destroy the backs of the buildings – are proposed by the same man who inflicted the awful Atwell Arcade development into the gold rush streetscapes and roofscapes of the city centre adjacent.

Note that no effort is being made to restore the former Majestic Theatre on this site.

Vale David Hutchison

Today at 10am the funeral for renowned Fremantle historian David Hutchison will be held. He died at the end of 2017, a terrible year for heritage in Fremantle, with the only bright spot being the restoration of the Town Hall eight years later than budgeted for. David wrote a book about the Town Hall, along with one on New Norcia, and Fremantle Walks, a comprehensive guide to the heritage of Fremantle. In Fremantle Walks he detailed the achievements of one City ward councillor Richard Rennie, who was a councillor from 1925 to 1936. While it seems some councillors do a lot of damage to heritage with their voting, Richard Rennie got out early in his career as a builder and was responsible for some of the finest buildings surviving today. David Hutchison detailed some of them – they include the former Tramways Building at 1 High Street, Owston’s Buildings, 9-19 High Street, the National Hotel, five of the goods sheds on Victoria Quay, Mannings Chambers, High Street Mall shops, including the Majestic Theatre, the former National Bank in High Street, and the Fremantle War Memorial.

David set up the Fremantle History Museum, which has now disappeared.

He taught this writer physics at Christ Church Grammar School, deflating the writer’s sole achievement after 8 years at the school – being holder of the record for the mile running race – by saying in class that Dowson had started at point A and traversed 440 yards of grass in a circular fashion four times, only to arrive back at the spot he had started from – thus achieving nothing.

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