As an individual, I am Fremantle born, however my parents come from Croatia. The Zuvelas have maintained a strong contact with the old country.

One of the positive aspects of Croatia that I have noticed is that along their coast there remains a certain amount of respect for the heritage. There are plenty of buildings, markets, city squares relating  back to their Roman, Venetian and Austrian past. They have important economic value in the present day as tourist attractions.

Why are there plenty of them? Well you see, they haven’t been knocked down or removed? It is a simple concept that works nicely.

One of the most famous cities that remains relatively intact is Dubrovnik. It used to be the capital of the Republic of Ragusa and of course there are many more intact cities along the Croatian coast and on the islands. When I was over there the last time I noticed that it’s an accepted everyday fact of life that the old part of the city remains as it is (and it is mostly maintained, lived in and used). Most of the old cities and towns along the coast of Croatia don’t have high-rise near the old city centre. What we have is a belt of low-rise surrounding the old part of the town.

This urban planning helps retain the unique history of the cities with value placed on maintenance and retention of the old buildings and parks. Maybe we could be looking at something like that happening here in Fremantle. :)

Peter Zuvela

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