The 2012 FREMANTE HERITAGE FESTIVAL, which will run from May 25 to June 4, will be an outstanding one, if one can go by the program that hit the streets today. It looks pretty amazing and there is such a variety that everyone in Freo should find events to their liking.

The inaugural Amazing Place Race will be held, the popular Don’s Tram Tours are on again, and so is the Arthur Grady Motorcycle Ride. Find out about the Round House and John Gavin who was hanged there, and Henry Reveley who built it. Discover how Anne Tippett broke the Rrules, have a look at Vintage Prams, and come along for the jolly Fremantle Club Crawl.

Another Brick In The Wall asks you to find out the history of your street, neighbours, your house, family, etc and create a box full of historic information. The 125 Anniversary Ball of the Fremantle Rowing Club will be at the Town Hall, and Don Whittington will take you on a tour of Mystery of Monuments at the Freo Cemetery, while Greg Nannup will tell you all about the Noongar history on tours around Bathers Beach.

There is heaps more, so get your program from the Fremantle Library and do participate in this fantastic event that has got so many things for young and old to enjoy!

Roel Loopers

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