Tell us the story of your street

 * How long have you lived in your street and in your house?

* How many kids and pets live there?

* How old is your house. Did you built it yourself?

* Who is your street named after. Are/were their shops?

* Who are your neighbours. Are they Australian or immigrants?

* What is the history of your street. Who lived there before you?

* What hobbies do your neighbours have. What is their favourite food?

* Do famous people live in your street?

Record the stories of the locals as they reminisce about the simple deeds and happenings in the street. Who were the famous people of your street and what were their exploits. Who lived in the house across the street for all those years. What are the stories of the people who have come from across the seas to share and grow with us. Which are the heritage houses in your area. Record it all.

It’s your exhibition of the heritage of where you live and the people who live around you. A construction narrative held during the festival that is literally creating a wall of information.

Collect the information in a simple written form, pictures or news clippings and glue them onto the fours sides of a cardboard box, a brick. Make as many bricks as you like. The more the better!

Bring your bricks to the Queensgate Mall that runs from William Street to MYER on Sunday May 27 between 11-1 and we will build a wall of local history with them, for all to see during the Fremantle Heritage Festival. The wall will be on display until the 30th of May. 5pm.


Any questions? Call Roel Loopers on 0419 850981


Please let us know that you will participate by emailing:



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