It is time the good people of Fremantle stood up and started yelling out loud that we will no longer tolerate the neglect of our heritage buildings. For too long we have been looking at the monument to disgrace, the Marilyn New owned Woolstores building, and now the Federal and State Governments are engaging in the same disgraceful manner, by letting rot away the vacant Warders Cottages in Henderson Street and the Married Quarter Cottages along Cantonment Hill. This is not acceptable and we need to take action!

I suggest to start creating Walls of Shame, where we tie brightly coloured pieces of paper and fabric to the fences, that ‘protect’ the cottages from unlawful occupancy, and spell out the word SHAME! in large letters for all to see.

Mayor Brad Pettitt indicated he is considering putting signs at the locations to tell people that the City is not responsible for the neglect, but that the Barnett government is for the Henderson Street cottages, while the Department of Defence owns the Cantonment Hill cottages. I strongly support that.

It is ironic that on Tuesday the State Heritage Awards will be announced at Government House, while the same government neglects heritage buildings and tries to flock them off to private operators. That government is happy to spend millions of dollars on a new sports stadium, the unwanted Perth Waterfront Project and other monuments to boost Colin Barnett’s ego, but is unwilling to take responsibility to look after our heritage. It’s disgraceful.

Let’s take action and name and shame the culprits! S.H.A.M.E!

Roel Loopers