Devise your questions for tonight’s QandA.

Be at Victoria Hall at 7:00pm Tuesday 31st May to ask your questions of our panel or send email and webcam questions to

Moderator Robyn Johnston will put your questions to our panelists who are:

  • Carmen Lawrence.  Chair of Australian Heritage Commission.
  • Brad Pettitt.  Mayor of Fremantle.
  • Anne Brake.  Heritage Professional and President of the Fremantle History Society.
  • Linley Lutton.  Architect and Vice Chair of Australian Institue of Urban Studies (WA Chapter).
  • Lynn MacLaren.  Greens spokesperson on Heritage.
  • Greg Smith.  Town Planner.

This is a free event put on by the Fremantle Society.



The Fremantle Society cottage at Captain’s Lane had an open house as part of the Heritage Festival, and it was a huge success, with over 70 people visiting.

Although the event was scheduled to only go from 4-5, the first visitors were at the door at 3.15 while the last ones left at 9pm, just when the rain arrived. The big pile of empty bottles this morning shows that our visitors enjoyed socialising here.

This was yet again a very good opportunity for Society members to talk to people, sign up new members and promote Heritage Festival and the Fighting For Fremantle book.

Roel Loopers