If things go as planned in Fremantle, the city will grow enormously over the next four years. The announcement by Mayor Brad Pettitt that the city wants to quadruple inner city living by 2015 is a major step for our stagnating town.

Creating more retail and office space is a move in the right direction, as long as it does not happen at the expense of our unique heritage ambiance.

To get that many more people living in the inner city will demand medium and high density living, so this is where we have to be very careful and not lose the plot. Fremantle needs to retain its character, and growth at the expense of that would be negative and counter productive in my opinion.

We need to move on and grow, because the stagnation of the last years has kept Fremantle back, but let us go very carefully about it and not get it wrong!

Roel Loopers


  1. We live in interesting times Roel, I fear not for Freo’s future.
    Freofiles are the most creative folk in WA. There are lots of great little spaces in Freo just waiting to be liberated by new freo friendly folk…. looking upwards above existing stock of uniquely Freo building we see Freo’s secret spaces just waiting for the TLC of new inhabitants of Fremantle’s future.
    ciao cathy

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