Fremantle Society Election for President

At close of nominations on November 22nd, there were two nominees for President of the Fremantle Society for 2011.

They are Society members Lloyd Hammond and Jon Strachan.  Having previously feared there would be NO nominations, the Society’s Committee resolved not to ‘endorse’ either candidate : it is now up to the Members to vote for their favoured candidate at the upcoming AGM on Monday December 6th.

In the meantime, candidates will be conducting their ‘campaigns’ among the Society’s membership. They will be given 5 minutes each to address the AGM and permitted to distribute one-page statements there. All currently financial members of the Society who come to the AGM (which is at Notre Dame’s Santa Maria Lecture Theatre in Mouat Street, 7 for 730pm) are entitled to vote.

The AGM will commence with an address by Dr Carmen Lawrence in her new role as Chair of the Australian Heritage Council. She will address the timely topic of “Why list the West Kimberley?”

Ian Alexander, President of the Society (well for 10 more days anyhow!)

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