Launch of the Rebranding of the Fremantle Society. Monday October 18th. 6pm.  X-Wray Cafe in Essex Street.

This is a special event where we are launching the rebranding of the Society.  City of Fremantle Councillor Andrew Sullivan, Chair of the Planning and Development committee, a well-known local architect and a member of the Society for over ten years, will speak briefly on his vision for Fremantle and will answer questions.

There is no charge as you can order food and drinks.  Do join us and bring your friends.
Please RSVP to Ruth Belben by Friday October 15th.

For Fremantle People and Places :

# The Fremantle Society is a tribe of dedicated people working for a better future for Fremantle.
# The Fremantle Society, since 1972, has been improving the quality of life and working hard to protect the unique built and cultural heritage of Fremantle.
# The Society is proactive on heritage; productive for community; progressive about development; and inclusive for everyone. You can join the Freo Tribe and contribute your views and voice to  Fremantle’s future.
# An exciting new era in Freo has emerged, with a greater focus on community connectivity and involvement in local issues.
# The Freo Society is responding to that change by rebranding its look and feel with a new logo, new colours and a newly developed Manifesto. Join us on the 18 October to be part of the launch of the refreshed Society and hear all about it and what is planned for the future.

Come and meet the Committee members, who will explain the Society’s new, refreshed direction, introduce you to the Freo Tribe blog and new Facebook page.  Have your say and be an active force in Freo’s future.

If you can’t make it we’ll tell you more after the event.

Hope to see you there.


There was an interesting documentary on SBS Dateline on Sunday evening about the problems of the Lebanese people to preserve the heritage buildings in Beirut.

It is worth viewing, so check out the SBS website to see if you can have a look at it on-line.

Roel Loopers